Saturday, September 12, 2009


I just came back from my first long ride. And I speeded a little. I know I'm not supposed to do that till 3000 km on odo. Now I won't. But still. Its not fair na. Thump had all the road ahead empty and just for it to zoom-zoom on. But people tell me its not good to run it at speeds more than 50-60 kph till it completes 3000. How :| is that. Run-In, they say.

Anyway. I just did a 100-km-trip and I'm happy. And fresh. I didn't sleep through the night. Still, I'm fresh. I was all my spirit is cryin' for leaving this weekend. Certain people will agree. Today was my Thump's long-awaited deflowering. And now my Thump is no longer a virgin. But I'm scared now, of the mileage. I'm going to get fucked now. For sure. Fur sure.

Today's ride was awesome, cave-man style. These :

1. Thump's got the thump alright. But the power! You can feel every bit of those 18 horses jammed in that beautiful engine. @-100 was ecstatic. Throttling has never felt so, .. pleasantly plastic. So wood-like. But in an extremely good-good way. A Bullet, after all, is all about the charming, antediluvian ways of the 50s. Ah!

2. Speedman's Wobble. Fuck! Scary when you actually experience it. And even scarier when you know its called the Speedman's Wobble.

3. Sun, shades, and the open road. Thump lived up to its name today. I finally got a reason to wear those aviators.

I'm going to do this more often. Like very often. All hail vibrations!