Friday, January 1, 2010

Porcupine Tree

4:45 PM - I pay the rickshaw-wala.

4:55 PM - I eat a vada-pav, waiting for a friend. I see hot chicks.

5:10 PM - I enter the IIT campus with that friend.

5:15 PM - We see the line.

5:16 PM - We realize its a long line.

5:17 PM - We realize its a fucking long line.

5:30 PM - A really hot chick in really revealing clothing approaches me. I grow excited.

5:31 PM - The really hot chick goes to the chick behind me and starts interviewing her. Apparently, she's media. I think, WTF.

6:00 PM - We hear some band playing really heavy stuff and curse the universe in general.

6:30 PM - Parikrama people start playing. At least that's what we think.

6:35 PM - We hear violins. Fear = Reality. We start cursing the universe again.

6:36 PM - Somebody screams, "IIT SUCKS!"

6:36 PM - We nod in approval realizing that IIT's a better thing to curse than the universe.

7:00 PM - Curse.

7:05 PM - Whine.

7:10 PM - Crib.

7:15 PM - Talks about intense frisking ahead. People freak out. One dude throws away a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of rum. People start laughing at him.

7:30 PM - Parikrama people announce their last song. We curse IIT.

7:30 PM - We try to calculate the time it would still take us to get inside.

7:31 PM - Somebody remarks that we could miss PTree.

7:31 PM to 7:40 PM - People get angry and start discussing strategies on how they can sneak in and not miss the show and how to burn the place down if missed.

7:41 PM - A cop car passes by, with cops inside it warning people to not smuggle stuff inside and how one would not be allowed to enter if caught.

7:41 PM - Two more dudes psych out and dump a few cigarettes.

7:42 PM to 7:43 PM - I start thinking about my camera. The thought of depositing it in the locker room crosses my mind.

7:44 PM - I realize its PT I'm attending.

7:45 PM - I hide the camera strategically.

7:46 PM - I spot a few friends way ahead of me in the line and they let me in.

7:55 PM - Intense frisking. They don't discover the camera. I breathe a sigh of relief.

8:00 PM - And joy. We are in.

8:15 PM - Porcupine Tree starts playing.

It was beautiful! They played all the songs that we hoped they would. Including Russia On Ice. A few songs they played :

Hate Song
Blackest Eyes
Sound Of Muzak
Russia On Ice
Way Out Of Here
Time Flies

... and all.

It was way way way better than Iron Maiden. And the moment they started playing Russia On Ice, I was all AAAAAH! So was the rest of the crowd. And the response PT got from the crowd was just zoooperb. People were singing along almost throughout. And I've seen two PT concerts. That doesn't happen. Who knows, they might come back. That will be the day!

And I was in the second row! Second fucking row! Of course that took a shitload of pushing and cursing, but still. Second Row!

I even managed to shoot Trains and Way Out Of Here. Both the songs, full!

Again, Beautiful.