Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Walkety - Walk.

I was walking down the street the other day and as i have developed a habit of walking real slow when I'm alone, I took my time in reaching where I had to reach.

When you're walking alone and your pace is slow, you start noticing the smaller things around you, things which your mind is just too occupied to notice at other times. Things like the patterns on the leaves, the branches, cracks on the walls, the dog rolling in the sand and the expressions his face dons. Sometimes you'ld stumble upon a point from where there's a view of a remote building or a structure or even somebody in your vicinity which or who you feel if photographed even novicely would be the one of the most beautiful pictures ever taken.

When you're walking alone and your pace is slow, you start thinking. Reflecting. Pondering over ideas which at other times just don't occur to you. You start thinking of the things that you like, not those which make you laugh and give you a momentary feeling of happiness. Not those. But those which upon thinking of give you goosebumps and make you realize that life is totally worth it.

When you're walking alone and your pace is slow, you start thinking music. Your mind sings. And sometimes, you get this urge to sing it out. And so you do, not caring whether there's anyone around or not. This makes you realize that you can sing and that practice would perhaps do you great. You also realize that music does bind the universe as you start relating anything and everything you see around you with the music your mind sings.

When you're walking alone and your pace is slow, you start remembering the days that were. You begin to feel happy as your brain digs up memories, and you feel everything was worth the buck and that your life has been a lot awesomer than those of most of them out there. You feel like quitting what you are doing presently because its something that you just dont feel like doing. Instead you feel like travelling; travelling to unknown places, walking or on a bike, all alone. You swear that you will one day set off on a long journey and never come back. You feel ecstatic. You thank God for that.

Life is awesome. That we have been given a chance to explore and to relish proves it that God does want us to live it. Travelling, exploring and asking are few of the many things which we all need to learn and apply. Only then will our lives reach full efficiency. Only then will we attain nirvana.

I thank God.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

On Bikes.

Cool bikes, full throttle, and totally in the wind. This is what its all about.
- Billy Lane vs Dave Perowitz, The Great Biker Build Off 2.

The idea itself is so amazing that every time I think of it, it shuts my mind off and detaches it from the surrounding universe injecting fluids, vibes, mixtures of countless emotions, into it. Hope, adrenaline, freedom. These things stimulate the senses in the most vigorous of ways possible giving a high not achievable by even the strongest of drugs. Imagine. Long hair. Long roads. Long bikes. A bike is possibly the only thing that, once taken an experience of, never lets one forget of it. Be it a girl. Or a boy. Isn't this what life is all about? Not having fun. That mightn't be the right way to put it. But experiencing something new all time. And a bike does exactly that.

"The core of a man's spirit comes from new experiences."
- Alexander Supertramp.

It is true. Without doubt. The wind on your face. The speed. Gravel, metal, leather, wind; these ingredients make us. They give us something new to think of, something new to ponder over. Everytime. These ingredients mix and give birth to experiences that mesmerize and enlighten.

I believe anyone would sacrifice anything and everything for such experiences. The sound of the engine and the changing gears, the feel of that metal, the sight of that long road ahead. Who wouldn't? But sadly, lots don't feel the way I do. It hurts to see the way things are here. People ride bikes for purposes other than enjoying the ride. I don't see that look on their faces while they ride, that look which should be there. A look of satisfaction. Nothing. It hurts to see such blasphemy. Bikes are not meant to be considered as creations of utility but creations of marvel. And yet they are. It hurts.

I hope people of our country come to realize the beauty of this activity called biking. And fast.

Biking is another name for rebellion. It definitely is.

Mildred: What're you rebelling against, Johnny?
Johnny: Whaddya got?
- The Wild One, 1953.

Here, I have penned my thoughts down; thoughts on a subject that's on my mind everyday, every minute. Things I'd been thinking of blogging ever since i started blogging. This post may seem very erratic to almost all of you, but give it another read and you'll know what I have in mind.