Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm Back!

Well, I havent been seen on the blogosphere for a long time now, so there are a lot of things worth blogging on that have piled up over these days. Cant of course blog on all of these things. Can start blabbering about the goa trip, but that would take time and i'm in the train at the moment with only 60 % of battery charge remaining (with a Led Zeppelin concert running in the background). Well, this is what has been happening (in my life, more of it. Well, almost.) this semester.

  1. Our first (followed by two more) gig made us happy. :) We finally have a band of our own. Yay! (but we dont have a name yet.)

  2. I screwed up in the first sessionals. Royally. That was when I had studied almost everyday. Had made notes. Was (well, approximately. My standards are abysmally low.) a nerd. That's when I started the not-to-start-studying-till-two-days-before-the-exams routine. (sadly I still managed to screw up in the second sessionals but less severely)

  3. Bought my first electric guitar. !! A beautiful black and white strat.

  4. Have been sleeping a lot in a few of the lectures. And when I say a-lot, I kid not. One prof even thought I was a dopehead. :(

  5. Made a trip to goa with friends. It was AAAHHHSOME (people. Nod.). Bought a groovy satchel. And a kick-ass Led Zeppelin tee. Couldnt find a black sabbath one. :(

  6. Nesquik and frappe rock!

  7. TELEPRT Ver 2.3 is still in the making. Deng might hopefully be done with the whole thing by the end of this Earth week.

  8. DC++ rocks. Totally. Havent seen anything as useful as DC++. (addiction is an unwanted supplement. I cant spend a day without the blue screen.)

  9. Listened to a lot of Black Sabbath, Dire Straits, COB, etc. All of them rock. Big time.

This is all I can think of for now. The train's not something you'ld want to be in when you're trying to blog. Honest.

The battery's almost gone. And the plug point's beyond my reach. Can get up. But dont want to. Sloth.. :(