Saturday, June 20, 2009


I mean it. That's what our Bollywood is. Every damn movie, barring a few, is poorly constructed with loads of errors. What the hell are we doing? I watched Alien and Aliens. 1979 and 1986. Years before I was born, Hollywood people made them. And how! If you haven't already watched them, go and watch them. You'll feel the same way I'm feeling at the moment. So long ago! Even the aliens are shit scary! And we can't even come up with a single scary looking alien (Jaadu was almost cute. Yes. It was supposed to be cute. But then, watched E.T.?). Why?

There definitely are a lot of talented people out there. Why then are they not trying? Love Story 2050 was crap. And so was Rudraksh and Jaani Dushman. Krish? Koi mil gaya?

We need good sci-fi directors. We so do.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Omegling seems to be the new craze. Almost everyone in the hostel seems to be addicted to Omegle and no matter what time I go at to a few of the rooms, I always find the people in there chatting on the very primitive-looking interface.

I did find it a bit interesting initially but after a while it gets boring as more than half of the people you stumble upon start their conversation with the most common question. “ASL?” It loses its charm eventually. I found myself inventing stories and pseudo-improbable identities to make the conversations interesting.

On the contrary, there ARE a few interesting people using Omegle, a few having a good sense of humor and a certain level of intellect and a few who never ask your ASL and are happy chatting totally anonymously.

Although this site has an interface which seems to date back to the neolithic period, it can still be fun at times. Possibilities of bumping into stupid people are infinite. Endless. There are just so many idiots on Earth that its hard not to ignore them. There are hot chicks too. But the connection gets cut everytime I stumble upon one. Murphy?

Here are some of the many interesting conversations I had. A few Strangers were idiots. Retards. Like the one in the first chat. And a few were quite the opposite.

Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: i'll fuck u if u ask me my asl.
Stranger: How did you see me here? My webcam is off
You: no. i can see u from anywhere.
You: i've got abilities.
Stranger: do you have broadband?
Stranger: is that how?
You: i told u i have special abilities.
You: i am gifted.
You: with powers.
Stranger: Are you sure? Maybe you have a Mac? They are pretty good for multimedia stuff I head
Stranger: I guess thats how you can use my webcam
Stranger: when I think its off
You: i can somehow calculate.
You: mentally.
Stranger: Anyhow, can you put Grandma on please, I need to say hi
You: where u are from and where u are even when ur webcam is off.
You: oh.
You: grandma?
You: wait a sec.
You: here she is. Grandma. say hi.
You: hi!
Stranger: Thats not Grandma , it still says "Stranger"
Stranger: stop fooling around Tom, and put Grandma on
You: wait a sec.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: Hi!
You: What if I told you i'm not from Earth but from Zoogoho, a planet almost 6.77 billion light years away.
Stranger : what a coincidence. even i'm not from earth. i'm from mars.
You: great! we're space-mates then.
Stranger: fuck that. lets have sex. i think Zoogohoids and Martians would make cute babies.
Connection asploded.

Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi!
You: hm.
Stranger: asl?
You: 20/R/warehouse.
Stranger: R?
You: robot. I havent been dispatched yet. just out from the factory.
Stranger: oh. i see.
You: what about u?
Stranger: oh. i'm an anthropomorphic flower.
Connection asploded.

A friend had this interesting conversation with a “Stranger”. Here it is. :

Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: i'm so happy it's finally you.
You: me too =D
Stranger: where have you been all my life
You: looking out for you
You: and here my search ends
You: i am so happy
You: =)
Stranger: we complete each other
Stranger: i have never known such pure happiness
You: i am elated
You: exhaulted
Stranger: let's be together forever
You: we are, we will be
Stranger: you understand me
You: i do
You: completely
Stranger: i don't even need to explain anything
You: no you dont
You: we are soulmates
Stranger: yes
Stranger: we just met
Stranger: but it's like we've known each other all our lives
Stranger: it just feels so right
You: exactly
You: we were made for each other
You: so that one day we find each other and complete ourselves
Stranger: i'm seriously crying with happiness
You: i am here to wipe your tears
Stranger: hold me
You: come in my arms
Stranger: but -- oh god, it's so awful, i can't say
Stranger: i have to tell you something
You: yes go on
Stranger: but you'll hate me
You: no chance for that
Stranger: you know my late nights in the office
Stranger: i... i've been seeing someone else
You: thats fine with me
Stranger: really? i'm so relieved
You: yes it is
Stranger: do you love me?
You: it is your life . . . u get to live it your way
You: i love like no1 else does
Stranger: how much?
You: there s no measure to my love
Stranger: me too
Stranger: i'm exploding with love for you
You: and i am overwhelmed with love for u
Stranger: i didn't think love like this existed
You: until we found each other
Stranger: i didn't even realize how grey my life had been
You: until i came and added colors
Stranger: colors are brighter, everything has meaning
Stranger: yes, you see!
Stranger: we complete each other's thoughts
You: world suddenly seems a different place
You: with you here
You: with me
Stranger: hold me tight and never let me go
You: i wont, i wont
Stranger: i just want to make you happy
You: and i make you happy
Stranger: wait
Stranger: i don't like you anymore
Stranger: i don't know how it happened
Stranger: things changed
You: oh, suddenly i realised that too
You: colors r fading
Stranger: yes
Stranger: the world is an awful place
Stranger: and your faults are suddenly so glaring
You: flowers are drying
You: rivers are receding
Stranger: how could i have ever loved you?
You: clouds are tearing
Stranger: mountains are dissolving
You: leaves are falling
Stranger: oceans are drying
You: fishes are crying
Stranger: monkeys are flying
You: was this meant to happen
Stranger: i think it was a necessary experience for us
You: the dark seems darker
Stranger: shadows are longer
You: there s no light
Stranger: every day feels like sunday afternoon
You: will this tunnel end
Stranger: you never loved me
Stranger: you just used me
You: i dont know wat made u think tht
Stranger: something in your embrace... distant, unreachable
Stranger: as though part of you was somewhere else
You: my love was lovelier than love
You: my embrace was tighter than embrace
Stranger: oh god, what have i done? i think still love you
You: my kiss was deeper than kiss
Stranger: take me back, i beg you
You: come in my arms once again
You: and i shall not leave you
You: ever
Stranger: i am in your arms
You: the flowers are blooming
Stranger: music sounds richer
You: clocks seem to stop
Stranger: wait
Stranger: i'm an alligator
Stranger: and you're a human being
Stranger: how could we love each other?
You: love knows no boundaries
You: love knows no species
You: love is air we all brethe
Stranger: what will your parents say
Stranger: they'll hate me
You: i will fight for you
Stranger: they'll call me a call-blooded lizard
Stranger: i can't take it, i can't stand the jeers and boos
You: with me there, i rest assure you, i wont let any jeers come to you
You: if they throw stones, i ll take them
You: if they throw eggs, i ll take them
You: if they throw roses, i ll let them come to you
Stranger: i'm speechless
Stranger: no one has ever talked to me this way before
Stranger: thank you
Stranger: & goodnight
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

The connection keeps getting asploded every now and then. Major problem. But that's our college net at fault. Rest works. Everything considered, this site is worth an hour spent if you have absolutely nothing else to do. Go check it out.